“F****** move ya fat d***!” Incredibly angry Scots farmer versus sheep on single lane road


A HILARIOUS video has captured the moment an angry Scottish farmer becomes enraged with a sheep that will not move out of his tractor’s way.

The sheep continually darts off and on to the country lane the farmer is trying to drive his tractor down, leading him to shower the confused animal with a tirade of expletives.

At the start of the clip, the sheep is around 40 metres in front of the tractor, darting to and from in the centre of the road, leading the driver to shout: “This f****** c***.”

The sheep then appears to move off to the grass at the side of the road, but immeadiately moves back.

The driver shouts: “F****** move. F**** sake, get off the f****** road. Go you c***.

He is then forced to trundle at low speed behind the sheep, who appears to calm down, and is seen wandering nonchalently.

The driver is in no way calm though, and screams “F****** hell man, f****** move ya fat d***.

The sheep turns to face the tractor, and stays still for several seconds, before turning to run on – in the centre of the road once again.

Evetually, the sheep leaves the road, and the driver leaves it by saying: “F*** off, c***” once again.


The video has received around 2,000 videos since being posted on Youtube, by Ned Glasgow, the sister page of Facebook page Glasgow Gospel, last month.

Social media users were unimpressed with the farmer’s anger.

Rhoda Munro said: “What a t*** of a man, not a clue on livestock. He better not let kids hear his language.”

Mark McGinlay said: “What a d***.”

But Toby Eveleigh added: “Watch this, funny as f***.”

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