Disgusting pictures show conditions in Chinese eaterie that got owner a ban


A CHINESE restaurant owner has been banned from the food industry after inspectors found disgusting conditions inside his kitchen.

Shocking photos show dirty kitchen knives left in a filthy plastic container, whilst a wok has been left near a bin and containers dumped on the floor near grimy, oil-soaked walls.

Mr Pui Lung Wan, also known as Colin Wan, used to own the Hong restaurant in Pumpherston, West Lothian, but has now been banned from the management of any food business.


The kitchen was filthy when the inspection was carried out


Officers visited the Chinese restaurant for inspection in August 2015 and took action to stop food being served at the premises after they discovered the grim conditions.

Mr Pui Lung Wan received his ban at Livingston Sheriff Court last Thursday following the report by West Lothian Council’s Environmental Health team.

The Hong restaurant is now under new ownership and locals have taken to Facebook to praise the new owners who have replaced Mr Pui Lung Wan.

In a post yesterday on their Facebook page, West Lothian Council shared five images of the disgusting conditions and wrote: “A West Lothian food operator has been banned from being involved in the management of any food business.


Grease covered the walls


“Former owner of Hong Restaurant in Pumpherston, Mr Pui Lung Wan (also known as Colin Wan) received the prohibition at Livingston Sheriff Court on 9 February 2017, following a report by West Lothian Council’s Environmental Health team regarding food safety failures at the business.

“The case followed a visit to the premises on 24 August 2015 by officers to carry out a routine food safety inspection. The condition of the premises and food safety practices were a concern and officers had to take action to stop food being prepared.

“Officers were concerned regarding the poor standards of cleaning throughout the premises, the poor handling of food and risks of contamination, and the staff working without supervision or suitable food safety training.”

One of the photos shows lots of filthy knives placed loosely in an old plastic container, which itself appears to be covered in mould and dirt.

Another snap shows a grubby wok on top of a container of cooking oil next to a bin whilst other pictures shows boxes of food containers on the unwashed floor and walls that are covered in grime and grease.

A final photo shows a rusty, crumbling shelf nearby by silver food containers, with mould and dirt clearly visible underneath.

Facebook users were quick to react to the horrible pictures.

Jay Sears wrote: “Don’t understand why people can neglect their responsibilities of ensuring others are safe. That is legal responsibility for everyone.”

Ian Ogilvie joked: “That’s hong-kin.”

But others were quick to point out that the restaurant is under new management.

Matthew Fraser-Hearne wrote: “This happened a long time ago. I still say this is the best

Chinese in West Lothian by far and it’s under new management. Bit bad that West Lothian haven’t made this clear, could be hugely damaging to new owners!”

And Steven van der Wolf added: “Love Hong always good food. Thankfully under new management.”

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