Disturbing moment gang take revenge on girl for Facebook message


DISTURBING footage shows a “studious” young girl being punched, kicked and tripped by a gang of vicious bullies in revenge for a Facebook post.

The minute long clip, shot in Glasgow, shows a group of between five and ten male and female teenagers taunting and verbally abusing the girl, as well as attacking her.

In one particularly shocking moment, a teenage boy can be seen kicking the young girl’s feet from beneath her, sending her hurtling towards the ground.

At the start of the clip, the well-spoken girl can be seen trying to reason with the gang, after they accuse her of posting something on social media, although the exact words are not audible.

Although the video is very low quality, the violence is all too clear. As she tries to walk on by, her path is blocked and several girls begin punching and slapping her.

At one point she is surrounded by three girls, who shove her, before the male comes in and kicks her to the ground, whilst the man filming the incident laughs.

The clip was posted online by The Glasgow Gospel Facebook page yesterday, and the page admin claims the girl was returning from a late night study session.

The page posted the video along with a statement saying: “A source from the area says the polite hardworking teen is targeted regularly by the jealous girls and that claims of aimed social-media stats and bus-stop insults are most-likely made up.”

The video has now been viewed almost 4,000 times, and viewers have reacted with disgust.

Credit: Glasgow Gospel

Kelly Meechan said: “Their parents must be so proud especially of the boy in the hood who thinks it’s funny to join in. If these were my kids doing this they wouldn’t need to worry about the parents of the girl cause I’d deal with them first.”

Stephanie Robertson added: “This terrifies me being a mum of two girls. If this happened to my girls I’d be going to parent’s doors and knocking f* out them!”

Melissa Kennedy wrote: “Little scumbag b** can never confront someone on their own always need their fellow scumbag mates with them hope the wee girls got a cousin or a sister that goes round and kicks s* out of every single one of them.”

This is not the first time that a video showing school-age pupils indulging in violence has been shared online.

Last month, horrifying footage also captured in Glasgow, showed two schoolgirls trade over 100 blows to the head in under a minute.

And in November, mobile phone footage showed a brutal brawl, thought to have broken out during an English class at Eastwood High School in the affluent town of Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire.