White van “C**kwomble” forces lorry on to hard shoulder


TERRIFYING footage shows a road rage driver forcing a lorry driver on to the hard shoulder of a motorway at high speed.

The white van driver was apparently furious at the HGV for blocking the fast lane and decided to take revenge.

He brakes in front of the lorry, forcing it to swerve left from the slow lane to the hard shoulder of the M18 near Goole, East Yorks.

When the lorry driver tries to get back on to the motorway, the van driver again “brake checks” him.


The van forced the lorry onto the hard shoulder


The van driver’s antics could have caused a tragedy if anyone had been stopped on the hard shoulder and one social media user branded him a “c**kwomble”.

The driver, Tim Twigg, uploaded the footage to Facebook with the caption: “Jingling down the M18 on Monday afternoon after just coming off the 62 when this happened.

“Do you think he was behind me for 10 seconds longer than he wanted? Definitely got to be c**k of the week.”

The start of the recording shows Tim travelling down the outside lane as he overtakes another lorry before he moves back across, eventually to the inside lane.

The white van, emblazoned with words ‘K&H Industrial Cleaning Ltd’, then takes over Tim on the outside before braking sharply.

It then edges across into the inside lane, directly into the path of Tim’s lorry, causing him to swerve into the hard shoulder as there would have been no chance of him stopping before hitting the van’s rear-end.

Due to the speed he was travelling at and the sudden braking of the van, Tim ends up alongside it as he travels along the hard shoulder.

He then slows down to drop back and tries to rejoin the inside lane, behind the white van.

Incredibly however, the van once again slams on its brakes, causing Tim to react and slam on the lorry’s brakes as he comes within inches of crashing into the back of it.

The footage ends as the white van eventually begins to speed up and Tim can safely rejoin the motorway.

Facebook users have been quick to react to the dramatic footage.

Keith Jennings wrote: “The van driver deserves a long ban and prison sentence. It was only a couple of weeks ago someone was jailed for causing a death by doing this.”

David Luck commented: “When people in signwritten vans do stuff like this it just makes it an extra special kind of dumb.”

Whilst Steve Wareing added: “ First of all may I offer my congratulations for your superb situational awareness in avoiding what could have been a very serious RTC. As for the c**kwomble in the van, he or she should be banned for reckless driving at the very least.”