Ramsay’s harshest review ever – “It looks like grandad’s colostomy bag”


GORDON Ramsay has managed to stun even his most hardened Twitter fans by comparing a dish to his “grandad’s colostomy bag”.

Hundreds of users hit out at the fiery chef for his harshest review ever after he made the disgusting comparison with a cheese, egg and mayonnaise toastie.

Ali Redha bravely took to the 50-year-old’s Twitter page to ask if his creation was good enough to make it into one of Ramsay’s restaurants.

The budding chef from Singapore said: “Hey Gordon. How about giving my cheese egg mayo toast a spot on your restaurant menu.”

Clearly unimpressed, Ramsay responded this morning (TUE), writing: “Looks like the inside of my grandad’s colostomy bag.”

Redha hit back with: “Screw him. I guess it’s time for another cheese egg mayo.”

Ramsay followers then accused the Scot of making them gag and ruining breakfast.

One follower ?said: “Oh Gordon it’s so early for that kind of mental image.”

Another wrote: “I threw up in my mouth.”

And one user said: “Thanks for that. No I’ll wait till lunch.”

Suggesting Ramsay has now ruined breakfast for good, one user even wrote: “Thanks. Breakfast will never be the same.”

Others posted videos in response, including clips of celebrities and cartoon characters gagging.

“That’s f***ing disgusting, who comes up with that comparison?” asked an appalled fan.

Another said: “That’s gotta be the harshest review from Gordon yet. Not sure if I should congratulate you or give condolences.”

And one shocked follower wrote: “Excuse me, chef, but what the f**k, chef.

Ramsay began reviewing social media users meals last week after being asked to judge Valentine’s Day meals.

When asked to review an image showing a poached egg floating inside a noodle soup, Ramsay responded: “Looks like toxic scum on a stagnant pool.”

In another tweet, he slammed one baker for having more decorations on her tablecloth than on a heart shaped cake.