Gers fans urged to eat eighth-minute pie in support of sacked Sutton goalie


RANGERS fans have been urged to munch pies at their next game as a show of respect for sacked Sutton goalie Wayne Shaw.

The ‘roly poly goalie’ went from hero to zero after scoffing a pie during his side’s FA Cup tie against Arsenal only to be sacked for alleged involvement in a betting scam.

Rangers fans are planning to lend their support to the goalkeeper by “raising a pie” during tonight’s clash against Inverness.

And a special chant has been created for the occasion which claims former Ibrox stars Kris Boys and Kevin Kyle were also partial to a pie.

Gers fans have been asked to eat a pie during the eighth minute of the game, a reference to the 8-1 odds available on Shaw eating a pie at the Arsenal match.


The post appeared on Rangers Media


Posting on the Rangers Media online forum, one user wrote: “Wayne Shaw, the Sutton goalie who ate a pie when the bookies offered odds of 8-1 against it happening.

“Can’t see anyone offended or victimised, was great publicity for his team, the FA cup and football itself, and gave all us football fans a laugh, then got sacked. And he seems a good all-round guy, was in tears afterward.

“As a show of sympathy, support and solidarity for Wayne, I’d like to ask all our travelling support at the Inverness Caley game to take a pie, or buy one before the kick-off, then on the 8th minute raise the pie in the air and sing:

“Who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? Wayne did, Wayne did. Kris Boyd and Kevin Kyle did. They ate all the pies.

“Followed by a short silence then brief applause. As a part of the greater footballing community seems the least we should do.”

The pie-inspired chant has been met with a dubious reaction online.

Greg Bruce wrote: “It’s time we liquidated again.”

Josh commented: “Rangers Media is grim sometimes.”

Whilst Rab McEachern added: “Christ on a bike.”

Rangers travel to Inverness on Friday night for their next league match as they look to close the gap on Aberdeen in second spot.

Shaw was forced to resign after the authorities stepped in when it was discovered that a betting company had offered odds on him eating a pie whilst he sat on the bench.

The 45-year-old ‘keeper, who slept some nights on a couch at the stadium and hoovered the dugouts, has gained support from the likes of Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan following ‘piegate’.