H8 RFC – the bravest number plate in Glasgow?


A MOTORIST has been spotted with a contender for bravest number plate in Glasgow – H8 RFC.

The bold plate – which is certain to be interpreted in the city as “Hate Rangers Football Club” – and was spotted yesterday afternoon by a fellow driver.

Morgan Halfpenny shared an image of the blue Audi A5 sporting every Celtic fan’s dream numberplate on Twitter.

Her snap shows the blue saloon car, thought be worth around £25,000, as it passes through a junction with the bright yellow “H8 RFC” plate in full view.


The driver of the Audi didn’t have much time for the Ibrox club


The high-end vehicle with chrome finish is immaculately kept and the plate, which could be worth as much £2,000, stands out above its rear bumper.

She shared the image with the caption: “So do I mate, so do I,” and it’s already been liked over 2,000 times with nearly 500 more retweets.

Fellow Twitter users have been quick to react to the bold number plate.

Michael Coyle joked: “Craig Whyte’s motor.”

Mike Robinson thought it might belong to the recently departed Gers manager Mark Warbuton and commented: “Warbo’s car.”

Another user wrote: “Imagine having the balls to have a plate like that in Glasgow.”

Whilst Tasha added: “My new car.”

Rangers themed number plates can prove to be a lucrative business.

The current value of “RFC 8OY” is thought to be around £2,650, whilst “22 RFC” would set you back a cool £7,000.

One of the most expensive plates of those currently available is “3 RFC” which would cost £10,500 to buy.

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