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Holidays at Home-Inspired Travel in the UK


If you live in the UK you have a ton of amazing travel options for weekend getaways, weeklong holidays and even extended excursions. Depending on where your home base is located some of these destinations may be more convenient to get to than others but one thing is for sure, you can plan your holidays at home and still feel as if you truly went away.

London Sights

If you don’t live in London and you have never visited the city before, planning a trip to this charming and beautiful city should be the first thing to check of on your travel plans list. Depending on where you live your method of travel to London will vary but it is not a destination to be missed. Here are a few places to consider seeing:

  1. Buckingham Palace & The Changing of the Guard
  2. Big Ben & Parliament
  3. Westminster Abbey
  4. The Tower of London & London Bridge
  5. Piccadilly Circus & Trafalgar Square
  6. Hyde Park

Whilst there are many more amazing places to see and things to do in London town these are some of the most popular and the ones that you should not miss if you are visiting London for the first time.

If you are looking for fabulous recommendations and areas to visit in the UK, you should consider starting your search with Mr Hudson Explores. They can point you in the right directions when it comes to selecting destinations, and accommodations for even the most discerning of travelers.

Scotland & the Scottish Highlands

The Isle of Skye is a must see if your destination brings you to Scotland. Connected to the Scottish mainland by a bridge, it is well known for its imposing landscapes, it’s quaint villages, and the castles that still stand on its ruggedly beautiful terrain. The fairy pools and waterfalls located in Glenbrittle are a must see and are known for their crystal clean and clear waters.

Inverness Castle is another must see in Scotland. There are guided tours where you can explore the grounds of the castle and learn about its history. You can also spend time discovering the Inverness Museum & Art Gallery.

St. Andrew’s Cathedral is a late 19th century cathedral that is worth the visit if you are in the area as well. The cathedral is in ruins but the grounds offer amazing photo opportunities and climbing the St Rule’s Tower will give you a view from 33 meters above sea level of St. Andrew’s and Fife.

Loch Ness is another one of those extremely popular tourist destinations in Scotland. For believers and non-believers alike Loch Ness is interesting all the same. The body of water itself is vast and is approximately 37 km long. The folklore surrounding Loch Ness and the Loch Ness Monster make the area extremely popular.

Regardless of where you choose to visit there is something to do and see that will excite everyone when travelling across the UK.

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