Grieving mum releases CCTV of teenage girls desecrating son’s garden memorial


A HEARTBROKEN mum has shared CCTV footage of the moment drunken teenage girls desecrated a memorial garden to her late son.

One of the youngsters can be seen leaning over the garden fence and grabbing a metal ornamental heron that formed the centre piece of the display.

Jinty Clunie spent over £2,000 creating the tribute to her son, Kevin, who committed suicide in September last year, aged 32.

The display at her Edinburgh home was only finished in December last year and the 3ft-high heron represented Kevin’s childhood love of birds.

In the clip, three girls in their mid-to-late teens, can be seen walking past the garden, when they pause and point at the ornament.

One of them leans over the fence and grabs the heron, before the three run away.

Jinty, 48, said: “I finished the display two weeks before what would have been Kevin’s birthday, on Boxing Day, and it was stolen on February 18.

“The heron was included in the display because Kevin loved birds as a younger boy, and I thought it would look nice next to the tyre, which he would spend time flipping in the garden to exercise.


“I think the girls who stole the heron would know its significance. The garden has also got plaques, cherubs and a plant with his photo on it. It’s clear it’s a memorial.

“They did it out of spite. It’s disgusting, as you see in the footage, it’s done for the fun of it, it’s just a laugh.”

Speaking about the footage, she added: “They had clearly been drinking as all three had cans in their hands.

Kevin’s memorial garden with the heron present

“I just want the heron returned – it has such sentimental value. Kevin’s younger sister, Kelly, is devastated too and really angry.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “On Monday 27 February we received a report of a large metal heron statue having been stolen.

“Inquiries are at an early stage and anyone with information about the theft is urged to contact Police Scotland on 101 or report this anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”