Potter actor admits “stealing” Emma Watson’s socks and keeping them for six years


THE actor who played Seamus Finnigan in the Harry Potter series has admitted stealing Emma Watson’s socks – and keeping them for six years.

Devon Murray, who played Finnigan in the films, revealed on Twitter that he recently found Watson’s socks in a bag left unopened since filming ended.

But depsite the revelations, he denied he has a fetish for feet, and said that he and Watson used to steal and wear each other’s socks all the time.

Murray revealed the strange find late last night, when he tweeted to his 250,000 followers: “I just opened a bag I last used while on Harry Potter and found a pair of Emma’s costume socks. Why? How? Strange! It has her name on the inside.”

He followed this up by saying: “For the record I DO NOT have a foot or sock fetish. I also found some other cool things I was given in the bag.”

He also added: “For the record I always robbed my socks and from time to time we would get each other’s and I obviously wore them and kept them.”

The revelations sparked a social media frenzy amongst Potter fans, who found the bizarre tweets hilarious.

Lots of Twitter users poked fun at Murray.

One user called @VanyCookie said: “Do you have a weird sock obsession, or an obsession with Emma?”

Amanda Clark labelled him a “sock sniffer” whilst another user, known mononymously as Annie wrote: “bit creepy”.

Some other users urged him to sell them.

One, called @_Pluviophile, said: “You could sell them on Ebay and be rich”.

Whilst another, @FangirlElisa, added: “That’s so cool. You should sell them on Ebay. They would be worth a lot of money.”

Diehard fans of the Potter books and films referenced a scene involving house elf Dobby, and reminded Murray that being rewarded a sock makes house elfs free from their masters.

A user known as Jay wrote: “You’re free”, alongside a picture of Dobby.

Whilst one called @Im_Gryffindor added: “Must’ve been a gift from Dobby! He was a free elf..”

Another Potter actor was clueless as to how Murray managed to get costume parts off set.

Ryan Turner, who played Hugo Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 2) wrote: “How did you get away with that? Surprised you weren’t tracked down by wardrobe! I wasn’t allowed to keep a single thing.”

User Kimberlee Scott brutally added: “He was in the movies since he was 12 to 20 you were in one scene at the very end of the series that’s probably why.”

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