ScotRail probes claims train door was opened on to track


SCOTRAIL is investigating shocking safety claims a train’s doors were opened on to the tracks rather than the platform.

A traveller claimed the Inverness-bound train suffered delays and signal failure before the doors were opened on the wrong side during a stop.

It is alleged passengers were warned to stay away from the doors as engineers tried to fix the problem, causing another delay to yesterday’s service from Glasgow Queen Street.

Passenger Jamie McIntosh posted on Facebook: “The train to Inverness is turning into an interesting ScotRail journey.


“Train delayed meaning there’s an irate customer, signal failures, light snow and opening doors on the wrong side of the train.

“Thankfully nobody tried to get off. Can it get any worse?”

ScotRail replied: “Hi Jamie, really concerned to see this – can you give me details of which service you are travelling on please?”

Jamie answered: “I travel on the 07:10 GLQ to 10:27 INV most Mondays. Today was a real shock, whoever opened the doors on the wrong side hadn’t noticed.

“Your catering trolley assistant on today’s train did a sterling job, she spotted this and alerted other train staff.”

Fellow passengers on the troubled Inverness service also commented on Jamie’s post.

One traveller wrote: “It was one thing after another with that service. Failed unit at Queen Street so have to dash to other side of station

“Signal faults between Dunkeld and Pitlochry and whilst waiting at Dunkeld disaster strikes with doors after he announced we could wait on platform

“It was me who said to the trolley dolley about the doors after me and my pal noticed.”

The traveller posted an image of one of the train doors which, although it is shut, clearly shows the track below and the “open door” button lit.

Another ScotRail customer added: “Didn’t know about the doors issue until it was announced with a request to stay away from them until they could fix it although that led to another delay. It didn’t turn into a bus or get cancelled, that’s a success for ScotRail.”

A ScotRail Alliance spokeswoman said, “We are speaking to the train crew to find out exactly what happened as part of our normal investigation procedures.

“Passenger safety is our number one priority.”