Dog’s haircut goes viral after it gets mohawk


HILARIOUS before and after photos of a dog’s new haircut have gone viral after he was left with a Beckham-esque mohawk.

Beau Braden, from Vancouver, Washington state [corr], let his father, Jody, take his beloved pooch Cooper to get his hair trimmed.

However, on Tuesday, Cooper was given an unconventional look at the grooming parlour and returned home with a mohawk.

Jody sent a snap of Cooper’s fresh new look into the family group chat, much to the astonishment of Beau.

Beau shared the before and after photos of Cooper to Twitter with the caption: “Before and after my dad ruined our dog.”

His tweet has already amassed 11,250 retweets and over 28,000 likes with hundred more comments.

His first photo shows Cooper before he had his brutal chop, with lots of fluffy white hair as he stands in the hallway of Beau’s house.

However, the second snap shows Cooper sitting in the front seat of the car with his hair trimmed but a large mound left on top of his head, similar to David Beckham’s mohican style of the early 2000s.

Beau also shared a screenshot of his family’s group chat after his dad sent in an image of their dog’s new hairstyle.

Beau’s mum replied: “Oh no, is that a mohawk? He looks ridiculous.”

His dad wrote: “It’s awesome.”

Whilst Beau’s sibling simply asked: “Dad why?”

Twitter users have been quick to react to Cooper’s new trim.

One user shared a meme which showed Cooper asking: “Dear god, why dad? Why did you do this?”

Crustyna wrote: “It’s not even aligned properly I choked laughing.”

JB commented: “So much love for this.”

Whilst Kay added: “This looks like when a kid at college gets too drunk at a party and his friends try to pull a prank on him.”