Glaswegian goes viral with his video tour of New York

A SCOTTISH tourist has become an internet sensation after filming a tour of New York in his own hilarious Glaswegian style.
Dean McFarlane uploaded his unique take on New York in which he films himself exploring the city that never sleeps whilst comparing its famous landmarks to sights in Glasgow.
The 27-year-old from Royston, Glasgow, presents his funny tour in an American accent with a Scottish twang, which he says is based on Winston’s attempt in an episode of Still Game.
The funnyman uploaded the clip to Facebook on Monday night with the caption: “Giving the troops a wee tour of New York City, and as you can hear I’ve not lost my broad Glaswegian accent, Americans didn’t have a clue what I was saying!”
The start of the video shows Dean in Times Square as he says: “We’ve got a wee thing like this in Glasgae. It’s called the Four Corners – McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC whit mare dae ye want?
“Mon al show ye aboot.”
Another shot shows him outside the courthouse as he says: “This is where you go if you jib or slash some c**t. Mon al show ye aboot.”
One clip shows him outside the Empire State Building which he describes as “heavy massive” but “no as big as the Red Road Flats.”
He then cuts to him travelling over another famous landmark as he says: “We’re travelling over the Brooklyn Bridge the noo. Tell ye whit, it’s a wee bit like the Kingston Bridge back in Glasgae. Mon al show ye aboot.”
Dean (L) with brother David
One of the final shots shows him in Central Park as he says: “It’s a wee bit bigger than the Ally Park. It’s got an 18 hole golf course, the Ally Park has a nine. Just go round that s**t twice, after you’ve skipped on of course. Mon al show ye aboot.”
In the last shot he says: “Whit’s happening troops? This is Grand Central Station. It’s a bit like Central Station but it’s not got a Tie Rack.”
Dean’s funny footage has already received over 106,000 views with over 2,000 likes and 1,100 comments.
Speaking about the clip he said: “It was just a video for my pals to be honest so I didn’t expect it to take off like this.
“I was in New York for five days with my brother and a couple of mates. My twin brother, who’s the ugly one, who was behind the camera.
“It’s actually based on Still Game when Winston was giving Tam’s best man’s speech in The Clansman.
“So I started doing it around the house and thought it’s be funny to pretend to be the Scots guy who thinks he’s lost his accent but definitely hasn’t.”
Amused Facebook users have been quick to react to the clip.
Amanda Keen wrote: “Can’t stop laughing at this.”
Mackenzie Brown commented: “Mate, this is the best thing I have ever seen.”
Whilst Clare Window added: “He’s hilarious. Moan i’ll show you aboot.”

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