Texas muscle car has very rude Scottish number plate

A MUSCLE car with a very rude Scottish number plate has been spotted in the Lone Star State.
The Ford Mustang was photographed in Austin, Texas, proudly displaying the plate: “Bawbag.”
The unique registration was posted by Reddit user dynamiteUK, with the caption: “Every good Scotsman’s dream is to have a bright, 2015 Competition Orange, convertible, Ecoboost… and then stick BAWBAG on it
“Well, maybe not every Scotsman…”
Credit: dynamiteUK. The “Bawbag” ‘stang
Snapped on a sunny residential street with a police car in the background, the funny number plate appears on the £25,000 car.
Commenting on the photo, other Reddit users admired the registration plate.
 guitarguy109 wrote: “I’m not even a Scotsman and this is my dream as well.”
asiatrails said: “Austin area, another example of the great Keep Austin Weird syndrome, like it.”
ViolentAndFunky commented: “Round Rock?! I live in Austin! I need to see this on the road!”
Another user wrote: “It has to make people turn their heads somehow. Because the noise certainly won’t.”
The term “Bawbag”  shot to international fame when it become the informal name of a storm which hit Scotland during December 2011.
“Hurricane Bawbag” caused havoc throughout the British Isles and was the worst storm to hit Scotland in 10 years.
The term featured at the top of the World-wide  Twitter trends list for several hours during its peak.

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