“F***, there goes Kermit”. Scots chippy offering “deep-fried frog”.


A SCOTTISH chip shop appears to have added deep-fried frog supper to its menu.

A hungry customer spotted what looked alarmingly like a ‘battered frog’ on display in the unidentified chippy.

The way the batter has formed shapes the outline of one of the small amphibians with back legs and a body as it appears to sit between the pakora and sausages.

The funny snap was posted on the Facebook page Scottish Memes and Banter last night with the caption: “Chippy must’ve ran ooty chicken, battered frog anyone?”


The unusual supper caught people’s attention


Facebook users have been quick to react to the odd delicacy.

Dean Cockburn wrote: “F***, there goes Kermit.”

Ellen Lambie joked: “Got any toad in the hole?”

Jonathan McBride commented: “That’s how hardcore us Scottish are, we find a potential

Prince Charming and deep fry the c***.”

Whilst Lisa Hyslop added: “Friday dinner. Always wonder how the French eat the legs, I’ll eat the full frog.”

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