Hard shoulder bandit going so fast he hides number plate in dust cloud


A RECKLESS van driver has been filmed driving so fast on the hard shoulder he creates a cloud of dust that hides his number plate.

The vehicle is believed to be travelling in excess of 50mph as it passes within inches of queueing motorway traffic.

The dust kicked up by the driver is so dense it completely obscures the number plate on the van.

But the driver could yet be in serious trouble with police and his bosses as the name of a firm based in West Calder, West Lothian, is clearly visible.

Viewers of the footage, captured on Tuesday on the M9 close the Kincardine Bridge, near Falkirk, said the driver could easily have caused a horrific accident.

The clip was filmed during the early part of the evening rush hour when the route was severely congested as a result of the Forth Road Bridge being closed in both directions following an accident.

The van, painted in the colours of civil engineering and groundworks contractor firm Mulholland Contracts, tears past with its hazard lights flashing.

The dash cam driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “The driver obviously couldn’t wait in the traffic like the rest of us. It wasn’t particularly nice to have dust blown in my window.”

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers, who obtained the footage, said: “The hard shoulder is for emergency use only. Had there been a breakdown, just around the bend, the outcome could have been horrific.

“Clearly this driver felt because he put his hazard lights on that this was acceptable, however I hope he understands his actions could have had serious consequences.

“Hopefully the police and Mulholland take action against the driver as he is a danger to us all on the road driving in this manor.”

A Police Scotland spokewoman said they had not received any reports about the incident.


Kevin Breen, Finance Director at Mulholland Contracts condemned the actions of the employee and said the company will cary out a “full investigation”.

He said: “Having reviewed the footage, we totally condemn the actions of one our employees.

“We will carry out a full investigation and take the appropriate disciplinary action.”

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