Scots pranksters trick mate into dressing up as Dr Evil for April Fools’ go-karting trip


HILARIOUS footage has captured the moment a group of pranksters tricked their mate into dressing up as Austin Powers character Dr Evil – for a go-karting trip.

In footage posted online yesterday for April Fools’, the unsuspecting man emerges from his house as Dr Evil to meet his friends – only to find none of them in fancy dress.

At the start of the clip, recorded yesterday morning in Kirkcaldy, Fife, the man, called Sam Kirkham, comes out of his house carrying a fake cat and wearing a bald headcap, whilst his pals film from the car.

As he comes out, Craig Hall, who is filming the footage, says: “Told Sam it was fancy dress”.

As Sam approaches the car, he looks confused and asks: “Where’s your fancy dress?”

The boys all laugh uncontrollaby, and Craig asks: “What are you wearing?”

Sam continues to look bermused at the situation, and Craig adds: “It’s April Fools’ Day you c***.”

Dr Evil

Sam begins to laugh and asks: “Are you joking?” as the others crack up at the situation.

He begins to walk back to the house, but the others beg to see the cat up close, and he eventually comes back and gets into the car, to the delight of his friends.

The video was put on Facebook yesterday by Craig with the caption: “APRIL FOOLS!!! Away go karting today and we told Sam Kirkham it was fancy dress. Dr Evil I’m howling.

It has been viewed over 500,000 times since being posted, and has attracted thousands of comments.

Gary Maloney said: “I’m trying not to wake the rest of the house up laughing.”

Whilst Aimee Gray wrote: “The best April Fools.”

Nikki Hardie added: “So funny he’s got a cat.”

Speaking about the footage, Craig said: “It was our Strathmiglo AFC team day out.

“It was a little unfortunate for our big centre half who’s a bit simple.”