Moment Sir Chris “nicks” little Callum’s bike


A HILARIOUS video shows Sir Chris Hoy riding a tiny child’s bike – while his son cries off camera.

The six-time Olympic champion, posted the clip of himself riding the bicycle on Instagram.

Whilst free wheeling down the grassy-slope on the miniscule bike, little Callum, two-and-a-half, can be heard close to the camera filming him.

At the start of the clip the Olympic-champ pushes off at the top of the hill and lifts his bare feet up off the ground.

The pedal-less kids bike, dwarfed by Sir Chris’ 6ft tall, 93kg stature, free wheels towards the bottom of the hill.

As he nears the camera the grinning athlete lets out a puff off air and pulls a face.

The now retired 40 year-old posted the clip at the weekend with the caption: “The rigorous testing of #HOYbikeschrishoy1 doesn’t stop just because it’s a Sunday.. #testpilot.”

Commenting on the clip, viewers pointed out the Olympic champion’s lack of safety equipment.

highlandwagyu said: “Shouldn’t you have a helmet and pads on”

Sir Chris replied: ” ..and shoes!!”

Whilst others remarked on the titchy size of the equipment.

orlando_s2k wrote: “Hey give him back his bike!”

parkybird13 commented: “I think you need a bike fit”

real_victorya said: “I call mechanical doping! No cadence or power data!”

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