Dramatic dashcam footage captures moment van almost struck by reckless Mini


AN amazing video shows the moment a car comes within inches of a high speed collision with a van.

The jaw-dropping dash cam footage shows a blue Mini Cooper narrowly avoiding impact with the white van as it turns off down a junction.

Filmed by Marcus Watkin between Whittington and Ellesmere, Shropshire, the shocking incident took place on the 14 March.

At the beginning of the clip the white-van can be seen slowing down and indicating right.

The dash cam car appears to also slow down and the shadow of the Mini can be seen pulling out behind.

Suddenly the small blue car is forced to slam on its brakes and swerve to avoid crashing into the rear of the van.

Credit: Marcus Watkin

Remarkably it can be seen coming within a few inches of hitting the van, which appears unaware of the frightening near-miss.

After re-entering the correct lane, the Mini driver carries driving despite nearly losing control of the car and ignoring the road-markings advising drivers not to over-take.

Credit: Marcus Watkin

Captioning the astonishing clip, Marcus said: “Minding my own business on way back from Oswestry today, coming out of Whittington heading to Ellesmere I was witness to a guy who thought he was on the Italian Job film set.”

“What a tool, I bet his a** went a bit tight during the braking!

“Good job I checked my mirrors when I was braking, as i spotted him starting to overtake.”

Currently the footage has received over 16,000 views and has been shared by almost 230 social media users.

Credit: Marcus Watkin

Commenting on the clip viewers expressed their amazement at the clip.

Bridie Tonge said: “Blooming scary. There are some idiots around.”

Keren Davies wrote: “What a bloody idiot.”

Steve Evans commented: “Mini driver doesn’t know what those arrows in the road mean then.”

Steve Watkins responded: “Too many folk in too much of a hurry.”

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