Moment little girl gives mum very rude gesture after not getting Easter egg


HILARIOUS footage has captured the moment a little girl gives her mum the middle finger after it was claimed she didn’t get her an Easter egg.

The cute clip shows the youngster kneeling down next to her mother and flicking her the rude gesture.

Her mum remains none the wiser before the little girl turns and runs away with a sheepish grin on her face.

The footage, was uploaded by Twitter user Megan yesterday, who lists her location as Scotland on her profile page.


The hilarious moment was captured on camera


She captioned the funny tweet: “When your mum doesn’t get you an Easter egg.”

The funny footage has already gained nearly 4,000 retweets and a further 9,180 likes with countless more comments from fellow users.

The video starts as the little girl’s mum bends down in front of the television as her daughter,dressed in a pink t-shirt and jeans, crouches down beside her.

She then uses her left hand to flick the middle finger at her unsuspecting mum as she moves her hand to within inches of her mother’s head.

Feeling that she’s pushed her luck as much as she can, the little girl then smiles as she quickly shuffles away.

Megan later commented on the video to say: “I was recording her because she was being funny and she did that.

“She’s too funny.”

The adorable clip has attracted many comments from fellow Twitter users.

Mhiran Souttar wrote: “Hahaha that’s brilliant.”

Ian Galloway commented: “Class!”

Whilst Leon added: “The way the little girl runs off.”

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