Brutal video showing bouncer punch woman splits opinion between self-defence and male aggression


BRUTAL footage of a bouncer hitting a woman in the face has divided opinion online with some viewers claiming it’s self-defence and others branding the incident “disgusting”.

The woman, wearing high heels, marches towards the burly bouncer before swinging a punch towards his head.

The bouncer ducks to avoid the flying arm and hits her hard in the face, causing the woman to stumble backwards.

The video, filmed on Mathew Street in Liverpool was posted on Twitter last night (MON) by a user known as Kirsty but it is not known who filmed the clip.

The shocking footage has already been retweeted over 1,600 times with a further 2,100 likes and countless more comments.

The 10-second-clip starts as the woman, dressed in a grey dress, swings a windmill punch towards the bouncer.

She completely misses as the bouncer ducks down to avoid the blow before he immediately retaliates and lands a right hook to her face.

The woman’s head snaps back and she stumbles backwards, away from the bouncer, as her knees start to buckle.

She eventually regains her composure and walks further away, as another female starts to remonstrate with the bouncer whilst passers by start to stop and stare at the unfolding drama.

The footage ends as the woman in the grey dress starts to move closer to the bouncer once again and appears to shout at him, whilst another doorman tries to calm the situation down.

Twitter users have been quick to provide their opinion on the video clip, with some believing the bouncer was defending himself.

User Ketwigkaiser wrote: “He was in the right. She wanted to try and attack him and he landed a naughty right, good on him.”

Whilst Josh Coyne commented: “She literally swung for him. Act like a man get hit like a man.”

Jay Young commented: “No wrong doing in my opinion. If a lad tried to spark a bouncer we’d get the same treatment.”

Naomi wrote: “Serves her right. Throw a punch at a bloke, you best be ready to take a punch back.”

And Scott Haime added: “She deserved that. I don’t advocate hitting women, but if someone swings at you, you hit them back. Simple.”

But others feel it is never acceptable to hit a female.

John wrote: “As an ex-doorman myself this is f*****g disgusting, not enough characters to go into it as it’s just shocking. Hope she’s ok. Just no need.”

Whilst a user known as Tweety added: “How can anyone say he is in the right here? Even if a bloke swings for a bouncer he should show restraint and defend himself.”

And Heidi wrote: “That’s shocking. He should be able to handle that situation without hitting and retaining her and called the police. Not lamp her.”

Keith O’Brien commented: “Bad form regardless of what she did.”

And Trish added: “Size of him he could’ve held her off. Lucky she didn’t fall back and smack her head or he might’ve been on a manslaughter charge.”

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