Scottish woman shares hilarious pictures of Tinder match – with a roll and sausage


HILARIOUS screenshots have captured the moment a Scottish woman found the match of her dreams on Tinder – when she liked a roll and sausage.

Gillian Fagan, 26, was swiping on the dating app when she liked another user known only as “Roll”.

The Glaswegian girl was intrigued by the mysterious profile, whose picture was of a square sausage inside a morning roll.

When “Roll” messaged to see if it was still a good time for a “wee roll and sausage” it sparked a short, text-based romance between the pair which was only cut short because Gillian was on a strict “clean-eating plan”.


Gillian met the roll of her dreams


Gillian uploaded a screenshot of her funny Tinder match on Facebook this morning with the caption: “Sums up my dating life. #tindermatches #rollsandsausage #foodisbae #itsanofromme #youdontfitmymacros.”

The bold “Roll” dropped into Gillian’s private messages to say: “Morning, still a good time for a wee roll and sausage?”

At first, Gillian wasn’t keen on the roll’s advances, fearing that they’d never work out because she was trying to “eat clean”.

Undeterred, the persistent roll continues: “It’s okay, i’ll be your little secret.”


The romance wasn’t meant to last



Gillian stays strong, telling the meaty snack that her personal trainer would never forgive her, however she eventually succumbs to the roll’s advances, saying: “My desires are very shameful.”

She admits that rolls and sausage are “always perfect” and states that she hopes she’s speaking to a “real butcher’s sausage” because she doesn’t like frozen ones.

The cheeky roll replies: “only the juiciest meat for you my dear.”

However, Gillian starts to have second thoughts and fears she may end up in a “dark place” that could lead to a spiral of fast food ending up in McDonald’s.

When the roll agrees and says she might start offering “dubious favours in return for a half eaten burger van roll,” Gillian suggests she’s better sticking to her “overnight oats or weetabix.”


Gillian admits it was the best match she’s had


The conversation ends as Gillian says: “It could have been something magical but we live worlds apart Roll.”

“Roll” agrees: “Look past the sausage on offer and see what you could have down the road. With me it’d be a lifetime of regret and shame.”

Gillian’s final message reads: “I’ll never forget you roll. Even on my wedding day, when i’m walking down the aisle, i’ll think of you and wonder if I made a terrible mistake.”

Speaking today about her unusual Tinder match, Gillian said: “I liked it to see if we would match so I could send it to my friend.

“We get great joy from Tinder, not many dates but a good laugh. Then when he sent a message I thought I’ve got to roll with this – pun intended.

“You can’t beat a bit of banter on a Thursday morning, he’s been my best match yet.”

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