Reckless car passenger condemned for sunroof selfies


A RECKLESS car passenger has been caught on camera standing up through the sunroof of the moving vehicle – to take a selfie.

In the clip, the woman poses in several different positions while the driver changes lane and negotiates roundabouts.

At the start of the video, filmed on the B6054 near Lidgate, Derbyshire, the dash cam driver is travelling round a roundabout and a blue estate can be seen up ahead, with a woman standing up through the sunroof.

As the car turns off, it becomes clear that the brunette is holding a phone to her face, and pouting for selfies, despite the vehicle travelling through a 40mph zone.


The passenger was blasted for their actions


The vehicles carry on, and the woman can be seen sweeping her hair to one side, and posing for more pictures.

Other cars pull out from junctions and pass the vehicle but the woman stays stood up.

As the car changes lanes to leave the road, she appears to bend down a little and start typing on her phone, perhaps to upload the pictures.

Only after around 30 seconds of footage does she eventually sit back down in her seat, as her vehicle moves out of view.

Matt Steane, who recorded the footage on his dashcam at the end of last month, said the incident had “shocked” him.

He said: “The woman was taking selfies – to the extreme. She was also doing it well before my dash cam started picking it up.

“As you can see, it’s a very busy road. I was shocked.



“In the video, she doesn’t seem likely to fall out, but on the road, one thousand things can happen that could have changed that.”

Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at road safety charity IAM Road Smart said: “This type of selfish behaviour is dangerous and distracting in equal measure.

“This could have potentially had disastrous results for not just the person standing up but also for other road users and the car occupants.

“Had the driver had to react quickly to something the person could have been thrown from the vehicle into the path of another moving vehicle.

“No doubt the person involved was in their mind ‘having a bit of fun’ but they neglected to consider the safety implications of what they were doing.”

Derbyshire Constabulary said the incident had not been reported to them.