Corrie’s mum reveals she still signs family letters with missing son’s name


THE heartbroken mother of missing RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague has revealed she still includes her son’s name when she signs off messages from the family.

Nicola Urquhart shared an update on the ‘Find Corrie’ Facebook page as police continue to search a landfill site in Milton, Cambridgeshire.

Her post thanked well-wishers for their support during the most “unbearable” of times and told followers that there is could potentially take a further four weeks to search the rest of the site.

She signed off her post: “Nicola, Makeyan, Corrie and Darroch xxx,” before adding: “I’ve realised I’ve done it again.

“I think it’s when I write my name instead of the word myself, out of habit I write all my sons names after that, and now I’ve done it, I can’t bring myself to remove Corrie’s name.”

Her full post, shared on Sunday read: “Although the search doesn’t start again until Tuesday, I pray we get some news this week.

“Police had been finding rubbish dated back to the 10th of September, so are now concentrating efforts at the entrance they have made to the cell they are searching.

“Although other enquires are still ongoing, the other vehicle in the horseshoe after the bin lorry has still not been ruled out but the search is taking absolute precedence. Details were passed weeks ago to police to try to assist with the final identification police are asking for, they have not completed these enquiries as yet.

“There is still a huge amount of rubbish to search, potentially a further four weeks. We know now that the process that’s been carried out would not prevent Corrie, (or your child) ending up in the landfill.”

It continued: “We also do not know, and without finding Corrie, we will never have a hope of knowing if someone is responsible for what’s happened.

“We do not know what police action will be after this. There will be a review but we are not being given much more information at this time.

“What this means for myself, Makeyan, Darroch and or family is each day of not finding Corrie is potentially as heartbreaking as receiving that call. ( I say potentially as I don’t know how it feels to receive that call) we are getting through this though, with your help, one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

“For now all we can do is wait. There is little point at this time in going through “what ifs” all I know is if I thought for one second there is anything I could be doing to help find corrie, I would be doing it. I will never give up.

“Thank you for all your positive messages, they honestly do get us through the most unbearable of times.”

Corrie, 23, has not been seen since disappearing after a night out in Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, in September last year.

Officers have started to search the landfill site after it was discovered one of the bins collected from the loading bay where Corrie was last seen was unusually heavy.

Waste management staff had initially said that the bin weighed 11kg however it was later revealed it actually weighed 116kg.

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