Is this the oldest unopened bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 in the world?


AN AMERICAN man has found what might possibly be the oldest unopened bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 in the world.

Jesse Dunn, from Clinton, Mississippi, discovered a bottle of the grape wine which he believes dates back to the mid-1980s.

The brand has become popular in Scotland and a staple for many who enjoy drinking it with friends before heading for a night out.

Like fellow Scottish favourite Buckfast, MD 20/20 is a fortified wine with its various flavours ranging from 13% to 18% alcohol content.

The bottle in question

Made in America, the fortified wine is usually made from grape and citrus wine, sugar, and artificial flavour.

Jesse shared a photo of his 30-year-old bottle to the company’s Facebook page with the caption: “Found this at my parent’s house. My dad said this was from the mid 80s. Last of its kind.”

His post has since been shared over 300 times with a further 85 likes and 75 comments from Mad Dog 20/20 enthusiasts.

The drink currently retails for £9.49 but it is currently unclear how much the Mississippi bottle could be worth.

The photo shows an old style of bottle in his hand and looks nothing like the brightly coloured bottles fans of the drink nowadays will be familiar with.

Written on the dark bottle is “Grape wine, MD 20/20, white label,” with a gold border, whilst the alcohol content is given as 19%.

Nowadays, the clear bottles are filled with the fluorescent liquid with flavours including ‘Blue Raspberry”, “Dragon Fruit” and “Electric Melon.”

Facebook users were quick to respond to Jesse’s vintage discovery.

Mark Scott wrote: “Ah Friday nights in the 90s at the off licence to get a bottle then drunk by the time you got to the pub. Happy days.”

Trina Brown-Allen commented: “I remember that my high school days lol. Label was different.”

Whilst Andrew Snedden added: “Never seen MD in that kind of bottle.”

In September last year, a creative Scot dressed up as his mum and used her ID to buy a bottle of MD 20/20.

The youngster dressed in his mum’s blue jacket, wooly hat and sunglasses and managed to buy a bottle of yellow Mad Dog.