Family traumatised after pet’s eye ripped out by crazed staffie


A FAMILY has been left traumatised after their dog had its eye ripped out by a crazed Staffie.

Mille, a nine-year-old Lhasa Apso, was only saved by a hero neighbour who managed to prise the jaws of the Staffie off its victim’s head.

Millie has been left completely terrified by the attack and her owners are suffering flashbacks from the incident in Halbeath, Fife.

The Lhasa Apso was being walked by her owner Fiona Baxter and daughter Katie, and was a just a few yards from home when the dog bit her head.

Horrific pictures show where one tooth entered the dog’s forehead, and another pierced the eye.

Derek and Fiona

If it wasn’t for a quick-thinking neighbour, who jumped over his fence and prised the Staffie off Millie, the dog could easily have been killed.

And Fiona’s husband Derek now says his wife has been left with flashbacks of the incident, and can no longer bring herself to walk the dog.

Whilst his 15-year-old daughter Katie was forced to miss an exam the next day as she was so upset.

The bill for Millie’s vet fees has already reached £400 and is likely to get significantly higher. Lhasa Apsos themselves cost around £400-500 as puppies.

He said: “My wife and daughter had just literally walked a few yards down our road when the Staffie approached them with no muzzle on.

“It grabbed Millie’s head, and when a neighbour was able to jump over the fence and pull it off, it still had Millie’s head in its mouth. She has puncture holes to her head and bruising to her gums and her eye was lost.

“She has clearly been terrifed by the incident. When people come round, she just sits down now. She will be a completely different dog now.

“And when my wife looks at Millie, she just starts crying. She keeps getting flashbacks and nightmares about it all. My 15-year-old had a panic attack over the whole situation and missed her first exam.”

He added: “She’s been to the vets, but now has to go back again to have the stitches removed from her face.

“Police are treating it as a dog vs dog, but how it can it be when our dog is on a lead, lost her eye, was seriously injured and did not retaliate and the other dog is unsupervised.

“I would like the owner to be charged, the dog destroyed and our vet bills paid.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police in Fife are investigating following a dog attack in Fod Street, Dunfermline.

“The incident happened around 6.30pm on Thursday, April 20, when a dog was attacked by a Staffordshire Pitbull Terrier type dog.

“The attacked dog was seriously injured and has subsequently received treatment.

“Enquiries are currently ongoing and there is liaison between Police Scotland staff and Fife Council’s Dog Warden.”

It was revealed last year that Scottish hospitals have treated more than 55,000 cases resulting from dog attacks in the last ten years.

The annual number of these attacks rose by 50% between 2006 and 2016.

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  1. The attacking dog should be put down. A dog which sees its own species as prey items does not belong in anyone’s neighborhood. Whose pet will be next? Or whose child? What sort of person would want to keep a dog after it had done something so awful?

  2. This is what bully breeds do,they attack other dogs.You cannot call yourself a dog lover if you think the slaughter of little dogs is OK.

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