Scots Tories ridiculed over “stong” leadership claim in dodgy leaflet


SCOTTISH Tories have been ridiculed after sending out an election leaflet which misspelled their current buzzword “strong” as “stong”.

The Conservative Party is campaigning on the slogan “strong and stable government” and Theresa May used the word “strong” 28 times in 13 minutes during a recent speech.

But a leaflet sent to Scottish households told voters: “Only Ruth Davidson and the Scottish Conservatives can send a stong message to the SNP.”

Facebook user Andrew McLintock, from Alness, Ross-Shire, was one of those to spot the spelling mistake and shared a photo online of the leaflet he received.

He wrote: “Just had a Scottish Conservative leaflet through the door saying only they can send a “stong message to the SNP”. I don’t think their education policy up to much lol.”

Nicola Seal from Aberdeen, said: “I appreciate they probably had to rush it out because of the snap election but it’s a bit embarrassing to have a spelling mistake like that in it.”

Marc Taylor commented: “Return to sender with the correction. They have to pay postage I think.”

Whilst Louise Alban added: “Ha! Amazing.”

Others complained that the bar charts shown in the leaflet to indicate support for parties were not proportionate.

A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: “A batch of leaflets were sent out with a spelling error to some selected households. That spelling error has now been corrected.”