Scots scorn claims Sebastian and Poppy are most popular for Dundee babies


SCOTS have ridiculed claims by an upmarket English holiday firm that the most popular baby names in Dundee are Sebastian and Poppy.

Character Cottages, which provides holiday accommodation in the Cotswolds, came to the surprising conclusion after examining regional research from baby website and national records from BabyCentre.

Famous English Sebastians include Sebastian Faulks, the Wellington College- and Cambridge-educated writer of literary fiction. English Poppys include the model Poppy Delevingne, who grew up in a Belgravia mansion.

But Scots have reacted with scorn to the notion that the monickers are high up the list of Dundee parents looking for names.


The map showed the most popular names


Twitter user Jack Philp asked: “Who the f*** is calling their bairn Sebastian in Dundee?”

The tweet went viral after being retweeted hundreds of times, including by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh.

Several others cast doubt over the statistics.

Neil Galloway said: “Kids going to get pelters at school! ‘My name’s Sebastian and I live in Kirton’. Nae chance.”

A user known as @Nortellini simply added: “It’s b******s”

Sarah Faherty attempted to explain the statistics, saying: “Line goes to Perth.”

Whilst Mick Carty joked: “Heard a woman scream “Wait there, Esmeralda!” in Cumbernauld a few years back.”

Throughout the rest of the UK, Germanic and Latin names like Jacob and Olivia top the charts.


Poppy and Sebastian were apparently popular in Dundee


But Dundee has chosen Sebastian, originating from sebas – the Greek word for awe, reverence and dread – and Poppy – deriving from the flower of the same name.

Famous Sebastians who could be inspiring Dundondian parents include Sebastian of Portugal, the sixteenth king of Portugal and the Algarves, who reigned until 1578.

Others include Sebastián Kindelán y Oregón, the nineteenth century governor of East Florida, the Dominican Republic and Cuba, and Sebastian Cabot, a famous fifteenth century Italian explorer.

More recent Sebastians include four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel, Borussia Dortmund footballer Sebastian Rode, and Scottish indie band Belle and Sebastian.

Across the rest of Scotland, Olivia and Jack were the most popular baby names.

In Glasgow, Lewis was the most popular boys name, whilst parents in Stirling were particularly keen on Eilidh and Noah.