Schoolboy painfully celebrates exam leave with the mother of all slaps


THE painful moment a schoolboy celebrating the end of the year is lifted off his feet by a massive slap from a pal has gone viral.

The clip was filmed in a park in Edinburgh and shows the two friends facing each other at the start of exam leave.

One of the boys, dressed in uniform with a red tie and white shirt covered in classmates’ farewell messages, stretches back his right arm as he prepares to deliver the mighty blow.

He then spins round on one foot, and strikes the other boy across the face, performing a 180 degree turn to face the direction of the camera before walking away.

His victim, dressed in a red hoody, is knocked off his feet and collapses to the ground, barely having the time to get his hands out his pockets as he falls head first to the grass.

The four-second clip was taken by Clarke Shanley, 17, who’d been part of the group there to celebrate the end of regular school attendance.

It has been retweeted over 3,700 times with a further 8,200 likes and countless more comments.

Clarke said: “Basically it was the end of the school year and we’d all been celebrating in the park.

“The two of them has been slapping each other – they have a bit of a reputation for doing it.

“Then at the end, the other guy said he could ‘really go for it’ and he did. I filmed it in slow motion because I thought it’d be even funnier.”

Clarke added: “He was quite dazed. It took him a minute to get up but he was fine.”

Twitter users were quick to respond to the clip.

Eli wrote: “Slapped back a week in the past.”

Darren commented: “Hahahaha.”

Whilst Dilan (CORR) added: “Weird thing is he’s wearing a suit with football boots.”

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