Blindfolded stag do groom thinks he’s bungee jumping but faceplants in pond


VIDEO footage has captured the hilarious moment a husband-to-be is pranked into thinking he’s about to bungee jump – only to fall two feet into a pond below.

As part of his stag-do activities, the unknown man has been blindfolded and led across a bridge from where he thinks he’ll launch himself hundreds of metres through the air.

However, in front of his friends, the blindfolded stag, who’s dressed in a traditional Scottish kilt, falls forward before landing in a muddy pond just inches below the bridge.


The stag went straight in the muddy water


The funny footage was uploaded by Highland Fling Bungee yesterday with the caption: “One sunny yet Scottish day, a stag smartly dressed in his kilt, gathered the courage to do a bungee… at least that’s what he thought.”

The 85-second clip, filmed at the end of last month, has already been viewed over 3,400 times with over 110 likes.

It starts with the stag being talked through the process by his guide at the edge of the bridge who says: “Forward, little steps, you’ll feel the edge in a minute. That’s the one, get your toes over.”

As he’s in position, thinking he’s about to free fall through the air, the stag is told: “On my countdown, arms up, and remember falling forward.”



With his arms outstretched above him the stag waits as the instructor counts down from three: “Three, two, one, bungee.”

The stag lets himself fall forward, before splashing into the muddy pond below, only a matter of seconds later.

Laughter can be heard from behind the camera as the stag turns round and appears to say: “You’re taking the p**s,” as another instructor helps him out of the water.

The footage ends with the stag sitting by the side of the water, his kilt ruined by the muddy water, as his friends stand around laughing at the prank.

Facebook users have been quick to react to the video.

Tanisha Buerle wrote: “Hahahaha.”

Whilst Aaron Hamill added: “Wee shame.”

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