Amazing moment dog “waves goodbye” to group leaving pub


HILARIOUS footage has captured the moment a dog “waves goodbye” as revellers leave the pub its sitting in.

The short video, thought to have been filmed in Glasgow, shows the dog lifting its right front leg as people leave the pub.

The cute clip was uploaded to Twitter last night by a user known as ‘Coop’ with the caption: “Dug waving bye to us leaving the pub.”

The tweet has since had nearly 800 retweets and over 1,400 likes with many more comments.

The five-second video starts with the dog sitting up on the chair in the pub as people turn round to look.

The camera moves in closer as a voice behind the camera says: “See you later mate,” to the dog.

The pooch then lifts its right paw as if to wave the man goodbye to the sound of laughter from behind the camera.

Twitter users have been quick to react to the footage.

Laura wrote: “Legend.”

Fern commented: “This is my new fave video, thank you.”

Whilst Dylan added: “Actually amazing.”

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