“Fat useless w*****s” Wardens ticket OAP visiting hospital while they’re parked on double yellows


TWO traffic wardens have been branded a “pair of fat useless w*****s” after ticketing a pensioner as he visited hospital – before being caught on double yellow lines themselves.

Jonathon (CORR) Rowe, 22, was left “mortified” after witnessing an elderly man being fined whilst dropping off his wife, only to find that the wardens were themselves parked illegally.

After seeing the man receive his £60 ticket, Jonathon walked down the road in Kirkcaldy, Fife, to take the wardens to task over their ‘hypocrisy’.

However, when he started to take photos, he claims he suffered a barrage of abuse from them before they sped off in their van, flicking the middle finger at him as they left.

Jonathon uploaded two images of the incident to Facebook with the caption: “So walking down Kirkcaldy today and I see a poor old man getting a ticket for quickly dropping his wife off at the hospital, where she then started giving him the ‘no excuse patter’.

“I walk further down to see them parked on them also. I then take a photo of them and they haul abuse at me ‘off to the job centre’ etc! Pair of fat useless w*****s.”

The first photo shows a warden sitting inside a white Fife Council van, clearly parked on a double yellow line.

His second image shows the elderly man who had parked quickly to go to the nearby Victoria Hospital, as he receives his ticket from the female warden.

Speaking today (FRI) about the incident, Jonathon said: “My brother’s car had broken down so we were parked up and saw the old guy getting his ticket.

“Initially we thought it was his own fault but about five car lengths down the road we saw the wardens were parked on double yellows themselves.

“So I chapped the window and they told me that they can park where they want. I said that’s hypocritical and then they told me that I was on video, but I was doing nothing wrong.

“I then saw the old guy, who must have been in his eighties, running across the road to tell the female warden that he’d only been parked for two minutes.”

He continued: “She seemed really arrogant, then I took a photo and she turned abusive and asked me if I had nothing better to do and that I should be down the job centre and called me a “doley” which is a Fife term for someone on benefits.

“She then gave me the middle finger as they sped off. I don’t appreciate being called names.

“I am really just mortified by the way she was representing the council.”

Facebook users were quick to react to Jonathon’s post.

James Octy wrote: “Pair of p****s, need a good slap and their moral compass adjusted.”

Eilidh Moohan commented: “A*******s. Poor guy probably puts his whole pension on road tax insurance and fuel and they want him to pay out more for something they could’ve turned a blind eye to. Then to do it themselves? Some humans are so heartless.”

Whilst Rebecca Butler asked: “Why does taking a picture of them mean you don’t have a job?”

Last year it was revealed that councils are raking in more money than ever from parking fines.

Scottish councils took in over £40million in profits from parking tickets.

Profit from fines was up 12 per cent across the whole country with Edinburgh recording a 12% increase to £19.36million whilst Glasgow was up 11% to £12.58million.

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