Idiot filmed smashing bus stop window – with his head


A SHOCKING video shows a yob smash straight through a bus stop glass window – using his head.

The 10-second-clip begins with a youngster, wearing grey joggers and a black jacket, jogging along a busy street in Cove Bay, Aberdeen while filmed by his friend.

The idiot then launches himself forward head first into the glass panel of the bus stop as cars can be seen driving past in the background.

He is then shown lying on the ground on top of the shattered glass for a couple of seconds before using the panels frame
to pull himself back up.


The youngster clattered straight through the glass


A male voice, believed to be the person filming the clip, can be heard throughout, laughing in hysterics at the prank.

As the footage ends, the brazen vandal picks up his mobile phone and wallet from the ground before tiptoeing away from the scene.

The footage was shared on Snapchat captioned “Omgggg” alongside five laughing emojis.

It was shared on social media last night attracting more than 18,000 views and hundreds of comments.



Since the footage emerged, outraged Scots have blasted the youngsters for wasting taxpayers money.

Michael Moverley said: “What a t***, so the council tax payers are left to pick up the bill to replace?”

Margaret Douglas wrote: “He won’t damage his head. He obviously doesn’t use it anyway. What a thoughtless idiot.”

Jim Leiper said: “Twat wasting taxpayers money. Little f***wit.”

And referring to his tracksuit, Richard Smith wrote: “Wearing the usual d***head uniform.”

The video comes just two months after footage emerged showing a youngster pelting through a bus stop in Blackburn, West Lothian in the early hours of the morning.