Red light-jumping Stagecoach driver “punished” with six months’ monitoring


FOOTAGE of a Stagecoach driver speeding through a red light has divided opinion online after it emerged the firm punished him with six months’ “monitoring”.

Dashcam footage sent to the bus company last year captured the moment the driver hurtled past the red in a congested town street.

Kevin Smith, a trainee HGV driver who filmed the incident in Kettering, Northants, said the firm’s punishment was too lenient and that the driver should have been suspended.

Others said the driver should have been instantly dismissed but some viewers reckon Perth-based Stagecoach responded appropriately.

The clip was shot last August but Kevin waited until the driver’s “monitoring” period was over.

Posting the clip to Facebook, Kevin wrote: “I did report this Bus Driver.

“Straight road, clear view ahead with nothing infront of him so he knew what he was doing.

“I was contacted by Stagecoach who agreed with me and said the driver will have action taken against him.”

And after seeing the clip online, social media users are saying a much harsher punishment should be given, to send a clear message to drivers.

In the clip, Kevin slows for a red light and is behind another vehicle which has already stopped.

Then, a second after the light turned to red, the bus, in the right hand lane, flies through the lights, and across a crossroads, just before cars start emerging from the perpendicular carriageway.

Speaking about the footage, Kevin said he had reported the incident to Stagecoach, and was told the driver would be monitored for six months.

Asked if he thought the punishment was just, he said: “No. I’m training to become a HGV driver, it is also basic skill of driving that you prepare to stop when the lights have been green for some time.

FOOTAGE of a Stagecoach driver speeding through a red light has divided opinion online after it emerged his punishment was six months’ “monitoring”.

“The bus driver had a clear unobstructed view of the road ahead, he was going through them lights regardless of the colour being shown.

“He did not have the wellbeing of his passengers in his mind, so that alone should have made the company give him a stronger punishment. I wouldn’t wish job loss on anyone but, I think at the very least he should have been suspended for a set time period.”

And several social media users agreed with Kevin that the punishment was not harsh enough.

Karl Turner said: “Instant dismissal.”

Whilst Rob Longson added: “Let’s hope the police get involved too! Lights went red and people could have started crossing the road.”

Imran Arwan wrote: “P45 on its way!”

Tugwell Gibson also said: “If a learner on a test did this more than once I think the test would be abandoned by the examiner. Let alone fail.”

However, some thought the incident was being blown out of proportion.

Bal Sandhu said: “Maybe he had no choice and had to go thru lights cause some old passenger was standing up like they do. And if he braked passenger would have fell hard.”

The punishment for travelling through a red light is 3 penalty points and a fine of £100.

A spokesman for Stagecoach said: “Safety is our absolute priority and we expect high standards from all of our drivers.

“We were concerned to hear of this incident when it occurred in August last year.

“The driver involved was subject to our disciplinary procedure which is a confidential process.”