Shocking clip shows the moment a child on a scooter rides into a moving a car


A JAW-DROPPING video shows the moment a child on a scooter smashes into to the side of car travelling at 30mph – avoiding injury.

The astonishing clip has prompted a debate over who was at fault in the incident, with some viewers blaming the mother and others suggesting the driver should have stopped.

Posted on YouTube by PJGrant84, the remarkable clip captured the moment the young boy rode his scooter into the moving Audi estate.

Incredibly the child appears to be uninjured as a shocked woman, believed to be his mother, picks him up from the road.


The child crashed into the car at speed


The terrifying incident was filmed last month in Southampton and has received almost 10,000 views and over 50 comments debating the blame.

Captioning the clip PJGrant84 said: “Child Crashed scooter into side of Audi Viewer Discretion UK Dash Cam”

At the start of the video the black Audi A4 is seen driving down the road, approaching a residential area.

As the car nears a pedestrian crossing a woman and three children are can be seen crossing the opposite lane.

The woman is seen stopping on the pedestrian island however the two youngest children carry on crossing the road not noticing the vehicle.

Amazingly the woman, wearing a green jacket and white shoes, manages to grab the youngest boy, stopping him from wandering into the path of the Audi.

However the child on the scooter appears to be moving too quickly for her to catch and he rides into the rear quarter of the car, inches away from the rear wheel.

The quick thinking driver slams on his brakes and attempts to move out of the way after noticing the run-away scooter but couldn’t avoid the collision.



The shocked woman then rushes onto the road and scoops up the child, who is seen clutching his arm, and takes him over onto the pavement.

Clearly shaken by the incident, the Audi driver gets out of the car and checks to see if the little boy is ok.

Another lady can be seen jumping out of her car and running onto carriageway after witnessing the incident and helps the other two children cross the road.

Describing the frightening clip uploaded PJGrant84 onto YouTube, they said: “Lucky the child was wearing protection or it could of been a lot worse and the driver wasn’t speeding just goes to show you how quickly thing can go wrong.”

Commenting on the dash-cam video, viewers have debated who was at fault and warned of the dangers that scooters pose.

Scott Bayley said: “This could have been avoided if the woman held the child’s hand crossing the road. ”

ynotnilknarf39 wrote: “Driver ignored the hazard and failed to cede priority so is in the wrong, end of story. ”

Will responded: “This is why you should hold your child’s hand, and why you should also be prepared to stop suddenly when near children. ”

Georgina McEwan commented: “Those things are so bloody dangerous. I’ve had to avoid kids riding out into the road.”

According to Hampshire Police: “Police received a report at 9.18am on 7 April 2017 of a collision on Bitterne Road East, Southampton.

“At around 8.15am, an Audi A4 and a young boy riding a scooter were involved in a collision.

“No injuries were reported and no crime has been identified.”

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