Fans divided over snap claiming to show Robert Downey Jr in Hoops top


A PICTURE which claims to show Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr wearing a Celtic strip has caused an online sensation.

The photo appears to show the 52-year-old Ironman star proudly wearing a Hoops top.
But fans can’t make up their mind as to whether it’s real or just a clever Photoshop job.

The photo appeared online last night when it was uploaded by Twitter user ‘Fitzy’ who wrote: “Iron Man loves the Celtic.”

His tweet has already had nearly 300 retweets and over 650 likes and many more comments from fans debating whether the snap is real or not.


Photoshopped or not?


The photo shows the superstar actor wearing a green cap, standing in front a fence with his hands in his pockets as he wears the famous Hoops.

However, the picture of Downey Jr dressed in the New Balance kit worn by the likes of Scott Brown and Leigh Griffiths has sparked debate between Twitter users.

Some seemed delighted by the news and believe that it’s proof their club has a Hollywood fan.

Barry McGonigle wrote: “Just when I thought Robert Downey Jr couldn’t get any cooler.”

Another user added: “It isn’t fake, some snoops on forums saying it was gifted to him by a terminally ill hoops fan. Respect.”

Whilst Gerry added: “We’ve a lot in common, I don’t do the sponsor either! Come on the hoops.”

Others were less convinced.

Cammy wrote: “This has got to be fake man.”

Chris Henderson commented: “Photoshop surely.”

Whilst one user joked that he had “found the original” and shared a the same photo with Barry Chuckle’s head on it.