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A Look at the UK’s Deadliest Roads


The UK now has more than 28,000 miles of roads for drivers and motorcyclists. While road safety is an issue that has been in the spotlight for several years, there are still dangerous stretches of roads in certain parts of the UK.

The latest study revealed that A-roads in rural areas are substantially more dangerous than motorways and city streets. Rural A-roads and motorways make up for around 10% of all road networks in the UK, but these roads are where most fatal accidents happen. Which are the deadliest roads in the UK?

A18 from Laceby to Ludborough

The most dangerous road in the UK right now is in Lincolnshire. It is the stretch of road from Laceby to Ludborough known as the A18.

According to reports by the, the number of fatal accidents in the A18 was 17 in 2013. That number continued to increase despite efforts to make the road safer. The characteristics of the road are to blame for the high number of fatal accidents in the area. The A18 is narrow and lined with trees on both sides of the road, making it even more dangerous at night.

Adding Armco barrier from Premier Protection Supplies to this stretch of road would make it safer. This heavy-duty barrier will help prevent cars from running off the road and crashing into the nearby trees. It will not lower the number of accidents immediately, but adding safety barriers can help reduce fatalities by a substantial number.

A36 in Hampshire

The A36, which connects the A3090 and the centre of Totton, is considered to be the second most dangerous road in Britain. Similar to the A18, the winding and narrow nature of this stretch of road are the main reasons behind the increasing number of fatal accidents.

The A36 has another problem that needs solving quickly, and that is its dangerous junctions. There are records of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists every year. Bigger and clearer road signs, as well as warnings for drivers, will soon be added to lower these statistics and protect the local communities better.

Other Dangerous Roads in Britain

The A18 and the A36 may be topping the list, but other roads across the UK are no less dangerous. The A588 from Blackpool to Lancaster saw 26 crashes, most of which were fatalities. That number is on a decline after local councils took action to improve road safety. The same can be said for the A537, which connects Macclesfield and Buxton. More signs have been added, particularly to the sharp, blind corners found along this route. Experts are hoping to see fewer accidents this year and are pushing for implementation of more security measures.

Other roads are trickier to handle. The A5012 from Pikehall to Matlock in Derbyshire is a good example. The road is too narrow and lined with tall bushes and trees on both sides, making the sharp turns and corners even more dangerous for inexperienced drivers. A wider road would be safer.

The next time you are driving on these roads, be sure to stay focused and alert. These may be the most dangerous roads in the UK, but defensive driving will help you avoid a fatal accident.

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