Pics shows devastation caused by exploding laptop batteries bought cheap on eBay


SHOCKING pictures show the devastation caused by a cheap replacement battery when it exploded while charging overnight.

Chunks of the battery crashed into the walls and ceiling of Gary Wayne’s home, leaving scorch marks.

Gary’s laptop was left a twisted chunk of metal and plastic in the terrifying incident at his home in Nottingham.

SHOCKING pictures show the devastation caused by a cheap replacement battery when it exploded while charging overnight.

Replacement batteries for laptops can be purchased on eBay for as little as £10 – around a tenth of the price of official replacements.

Gary assumed the replacement battery he bought for his laptop on eBay would be safe and it worked properly for a year.

But in the early hours of Wednesday morning he was jolted awake by two “loud bangs”.

The battery which had exploded during the night

Posting the images on Facebook, Gary wrote: “I’m not normally one for scare mongering so please take this seriously.

“In the early hours this morning we had a fire at home caused by a replacement laptop battery bought off eBay, we had been using the laptop with this battery for about 12 months with no problems.”

“We heard two loud bangs and the house alarm went off, when we went downstairs there were two fires, one was the laptop and the other was on the other side of the room where one of the battery cells had landed.”

The charred seat

“The pictures of the wall and ceiling are not where the laptop was, they are on the other side of the room, this shows the force behind the battery exploding, had anyone been using it at the time the outcome does not bare thinking about.

“I would urge anyone with non genuine batteries to throw them straight in the bin and not leave items on charge when unattended.

“Fortunately we are both ok although a little shaken and shocked, as you can imagine after discovering fires in your own home.

“Let the clean up commence.”

The damage caused by the battery being thrown across the room

Commenting on the terrifying snaps, other Facebook users warned of the dangers “cheap” batteries pose.

Steve Cressey wrote: “Wow, just shows how dangerous buying non genuine can be! Glad not too bad and no injuries!”

Dan Farrar said: “Glad everyone’s okay. We sell powerbank phone chargers at work and because of things like this only sell them from our factory with approved batteries look out for a barcode on them and a few little marks then you will be okay mate.”

Ian Bass commented: “Had some concerns on some cheaper batteries I have for power tools seemed to over heat whilst charging, so stopped using them”

Helen F Reasbeck responded: “Wow lucky escape! Glad it’s not done a lot of damage, could have been a lot worse”

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