Dashcam clock shows pedestrians miss death by a second


THE moment a couple come within a second of death or serious injury while crossing a road has been captured on video.

The clip shows a black BMW undertake at high speed at a roundabout, missing the strolling couple by a matter of inches.

Filmed by Steph Cowley in Coundon, Coventry, earlier this month, the jaw-dropping clip has been received almost 2000 views online.

At the start of the footage, the dash cam car is seen slowly approaching a roundabout with pedestrians either side of the road.

The car indicates around the roundabout and turns off a junction, slowing down to around 10mph, allowing people to cross the road.



A man and woman can be seen walking infront of the car before moving off camera across the carriageway, with the man looking behind the dash cam car.

The dash cam clock shows the couple walking out of the frame at 19:31:25.

The BMW emerges from the left and races past at 19:31:26, less than a second later.

The car appears to continue to rapidly accelerate along the road and quickly disappears into the distance.

Posting the clip online, Steph said: “Casually making my way round the roundabout, pulled out slightly to avoid the people still crossing.

“Next thing I know this idiot is zooming past. Must have mounted the pavement and god knows how he didn’t hit the pedestrians.



“This road is awful for speeding but I’ve never encountered anything quite this idiotic and dangerous.”

Commenting on the clip online, social media users were astonished at the BMW’s driving.

Stuart Taylor said: “That’s unbelievable! That needs to be sent to the police.”

Trish Carey wrote: “Lucky he missed you and the lady.”

Brian Harrison commented: “Must of just missed that lady crossing road too, bad driver, dangerous.”

Phill Harvey-Smith responded: “How the f*** that didn’t end up in an accident. Report that the driver of that car, should clearly not be on the roads.”

Steph wrote on Facebook that she had sent the footage to police and that an officer had replied: “I have viewed the video and agree that there is some very poor driving. We will endeavour to trace the driver so that they can be dealt with in the appropriate manner.”

West Midlands Police said that without a reference number for the incident they would not be able to comment.

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