Hilarity as Tesco “slashes” 1p from £12 bottle of gin


TESCO have been ridiculed after reducing bottles of gin in one of their stores by just one pence.

The supermarket giant were taken to task by one of their customers after she spotted bottles of Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin had been slashed by a penny from £12.

Tesco admitted the price cut – all of 0.08% – was “minimal” but promised further reductions this week.

Angelina Walker was shopping in a Tesco at a undisclosed location when she spotted the yellow reduced stickers on the glass bottles of gin.


The tiny reduction was ridiculed online


However, she was stunned when she discovered that the stickers had been printed and stuck on to tell shoppers that the drink had been reduced from £12 to £11.99.

She posted a photo of the bottled onto the Tesco Facebook page last night with the caption: “Everyone loves a Tesco yellow sticker especially when it’s placed on a bottle of wild berry gin but when you get closer and realise you’ll be saving 1p… Come on Tesco.”

The photo shows a row of the glass gin bottles with a red label and yellow reduced stickers at the bottom.

The old price of £12 has been scored out and the new price of £11.99 is written below the barcode in bold.

The penny saved is enough to buy an extra 0.58ml of the product, barely a tenth of a teaspoon.

A member of the Tesco social media team responded to the photo and wrote: “Thanks for contacting us.

“I know this discount seems minimal at the minute, but the gin will be continually reduced over the next week. The discounts are uploaded onto a handheld device directly from our

Head Office. Our in store colleagues don’t have any influence on the reductions displayed in our branches nationwide.

“I hope this clarifies your query, and please don’t hesitate to contact us again with any other concerns.”

Other Facebook users were quick to react to the post.

Felicity Whalen wrote: “Cost them more in yellow stickers. A whole 1p lol.”

Marie Robertson commented: “Bargain of the week.”

Whilst Sam Macdonald added: “Seriously lol.”