Learner moped driver takes to pavement to avoid queue at red light


A LEARNER moped rider has been caught on camera riding on the pavement – just to avoid waiting at a red light.

The scooter rider – who doesn’t appear to be wearing any protective clothing other than a helmet – has an L plate attached.

The impatient rider was filmed riding behind a black Mercedes before it weaved around the car and drove onto the the pavement.

Caught on camera last week in Denny, Falkirk. the short clip was filmed by Allan Galloway on Glasgow Road.

At the start of the video, the moped rider, who is wearing a white jacket with grey trousers and a black shoes, can be seen on left of the road, following the traffic ahead.

As the traffic starts to move forward, the blue scooter, which has a pannier attached, keeps to the left hand-side of the road, just a few inches from the kerb.

The rider, seen wearing a sliver helmet, steadies themselves with their feet as they move alongside the black Mercedes estate.

As the vehicles stop for the red light, the impatient moped driver cuts onto the pavement with no regard for possible pedestrians and rides along the pavement.

The scooter disappears into the distance around the corner as the dash cam footage cuts out.

A LEARNER moped rider has been caught on camera riding on the pavement – just to avoid waiting at a red light.

Filmed last month, dash cam driver Allan Galloway said: “My initial thoughts at the time were: Typical arrogance and selfishness with no regard to other road and pedestrian users.

“This incident was made even worse by the fact the driver of the scooter appeared to be a learner.”

A spokesman from road safety group Scotland’s Worst Drivers, who obtained the clip, said: “The actions of this man were reckless.

“He obviously didn’t care if he hit a pedestrian riding a motor scooter round a blind corner on a pavement.

“We hope police are able to trace him and address the seriousness of his actions.”

Scooter and motorbike riders can keep their learner plates on for up two years after sitting Compulsory Basic Training, after which they need to pass their full moped or motorbike test, or resit the basic training.

16 year-olds can ride scootes, provided the speed range is between 15mph and 30mph and the power is no more than 50cc (between 2-4hp) – compared with the average family car which has around 100hp.