£450k Edwardian home is a 1970s time capsule – complete with ceiling-mounted sunbed


A PROPERTY that boasts all the original fixtures and fittings from the 1970s could be yours for £450,000 – including one of the UK’s first home sunbeds.

The substantial family dwelling is outwardly a shrine to Edwardian elegance but open the front door and a masterpiece of clashing patterns in orange and brown, wood veneer and formica is unveiled.

Most amazing of all, one of the bedrooms features a 40-year-old sunbed which lowers from the ceiling.

The sunlamp above the bed can be lowered

The “Nordic Solarium 4” may look like something out of Dr Who but it still works.

The property, called Loganlee, is in the upmarket Glasgow suburb of Newlands.

Built in 1909, the home was subjected to a thorough Scandanavian makeover in the 70s and hasn’t been upgraded since. The kitchen, bathroom, sauna and fold-out gym equipment are exactly as they were when Abba began their conquest of the pop world.

The home is a shrine to all things acrylic

Sellers Rettie are confident the extraordinary interior of the house will attract a lot of interest from potential buyers.

A spokesman for the estate agent said: “The owner’s father was an architect, so it features all the mod-cons from the 1970s.

“The bedroom still has one of the first home sunbeds, and I understand it still works and it is lowered from the ceiling.

“There is also some fold out gym equipment in the bedroom that folds out for sit-ups and pull-ups.”

The brown and orange interior remains the same as it was in the 1970s

The work was done by the father of current owner, IT consultant Eric Thomson, who said: “As kids, we did not walk about the house in sunglasses, but perhaps we should have.

“Some people are going to love it.”

He admitted: “I’ve got paintings up of scantily clad ladies on the walls, which were very popular in the 1970s, but I’m not sure how people will regard it in these politically correct times.”

A closer look at the sunlamp

Rettie added in their brochure: “The property offers a great deal of flexibility and has a very well preserved 1970s interior.

“There is a further formal dining room which has further secured storage, a really useful family room which from there gives access into a galley styled breakfasting size kitchen with a range of 1970s wall and floor mounted units with integrated electric hob, oven and grill.

“From the kitchen there is a very useful utility room, again with wall and floor mounted units and separate sink and a working sauna.”

The property also comes with a well-kept garden and array of plants.

The sauna in the astonishing home

The brochure added: “There is a beautiful mature garden which has been nurtured by the owner for the last 40 years.

“There are rolling lawns and an excellent selection of herbaceous plants and shrubs within the borders”

Last year a similar four bedroom bungalow came onto the market in Glasgow for £275,000.

The time-warp family home was also a homage to the days of Simon and Garfunkel, open sandwiches and shag-pile carpets.

Estate agents Rettie claimed they had over 100 views in the first week of marketing the property.