UK’s most pampered pooch gets duvet, pillow and cuppa when ill


A POORLY pooch has gone viral after its owner set up a bed – complete with a cup of tea, duvet and pillow – in the family living room.

Toby has become an internet sensation after his owner snapped a photo of him in his make-shift hospital bed.

Toby has become an internet sensation after his owner snapped a photo of him in his make-shift hospital bed.

Sarah Tobin, from Newcastle, was sent the hilarious picture by her Mum showing the Maltese cross Yorkshire terrier – about the size of a rabbit – wrapped up in the duvet.

Tweeting the funny text message Sarah said: “The dog is poorly so my Mam thinks it’s totally fine to kit out the living room with a sofa bed until he gets better. No words.”

The pampered pooch in better health

According to his owner, the ill canine had apparently eaten something which had given him an upset stomach.

Following a trip to the vet, one-year Toby still wasn’t feeling well so Sarah’s mother decided to set up a camp bed in the family living room to help him feel better.

The adorable snap shows unwell Toby tucked under a duvet on a sofa bed, with his head on a pillow and a cup of tea next to him.

Sarah’s tweet has gone viral

Under the photo Sarah’s Mum wrote: “Poorly today. Xx”

The caring owners VIP treatment of her pooch has since gone viral, having been retweeted by over 3400 Twitter users and liked by over 22,000.

Speaking about the viral tweet and her pooch, Sarah said: “His name is Toby, he’s a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier.

“We took him to the vets the same day that picture was taken and he had to have an injection because he had eaten something which had gave him an inflamed stomach.

“He just hadn’t been acting himself, couldn’t be bothered to go for a walk and was really flat. He’s only 1 year old so he eats stupid stuff all the time.”

The funny tweet has also received hundreds of comments, with many claiming they had done the same thing with their own dogs.

@_aimeewood wrote: “Omg this is deffo me”

@clareelittlebit said: “My mums genuinely done this”

@AllThingsGirly_ commented: “Awwww that is super adorable”

@banoffee tweeted: “He’s got a cuppa and everything”

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