Scott Brown goes from delight to daggers after selfie trick by Rangers fan


VIDEO footage has captured Scotland captain Scott Brown’s furious reaction after being tricked into taking a photo with a Rangers fan.

The 31-year-old midfielder was enjoying a night out with international teammates Ikechi Anya, Chris Martin and James McArthur following Scotland’s 2-2 draw with England.

However, his night was soured when he posed up for a snap with with what he thought was a fan, who was then recorded saying “we are the people” next to the Celtic skipper – a chant used by Rangers fans.

The short clip was posted on Twitter yesterday (MON) by cheeky Rangers supported Rory Robertson, who managed to dupe Brown.

He captioned the short, four-second clip: “Scott Brown wears make up,” and his tweet has since been been retweeted 1,400 times with over 2,700 likes.

The video starts as Brown smiles into the camera, appearing to think he’s posing for a photo next to Rory.

Rory’s original tweet shows a happy Brown posing for a selfie at the beginning of the video.

However, as Rory shouts: “We are the people,” Brown’s smile instantly drops as he turns to stare at Rory in disgust.

A screenshot of the end of the video shows Brown unhappy with the prank.

Brown fires an angry glare at Rory, as the 18-year-old Rangers fans bursts out laughing.

In the comments section of the clip, Rory claimed that Brown has tried to wipe the clip from his phone.

He wrote: “I said we are the people and after he took my phone off me and tried to delete it.”

In a separate post, Rory shared a picture of an angry looking Brown alongside striker Chris Martin with the caption: “Gave him my thoughts of him before his pals pushed me away.”

Twitter users have been quick to react to Rory’s video.

After the two had been separated Brown continued to look unimpressed by the stunt.

Stephen McGarry wrote: “You have just jumped ahead of McCoist, Gazza, and Laudrup as my all-time hero son. Take a bow.”

David Mason commented: “Haha he looks p****d off, nice one.”

Reactions to the video were mixed, with fans of both clubs getting involved.

Whilst David added: “Pure howlin here, legend.”

But another user defended the Celtic man and added: “That’s the closest anyone from Rangers has got to Scott Brown all season.”


  1. Ironically the wee hvn looks like the one wearing make up. I wonder if his boyfriend gave him that love bite?

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