Moment “thieving junkie” caught stuck on fence like a “kebab”.


*Language warning in video*

A VIDEO shows the moment a “thieving junkie” got his comeuppance when he was left hanging on a metal gate like a “kebab”.

The intruder had tried to scale the spiked fence in Arbroath, Angus, but got stuck for over 20 minutes before he was discovered.

Roddy Campbell, 32, filmed as the man pleaded to be helped down and then posted the clip online with the caption: “Caught in the act, junkie, hinging from a fence.”

The footage has since been viewed 222,000 times with over 1,500 likes and a further 3,000 shares and comments. Most though the clip hysterical and that the man had got what he deserved but one viewer claimed it was “bullying”.

The video starts with a voice behind the camera saying: “Hold on, I’m going to need to film this.”

The camera then pans round to show the man dressed in jeans with a black jacket and hoodie, stuck up the gate as he pleads: “You don’t need to film it, please.”

A voice behind the camera says “I think we do” as the man can be seen with his jeans falling down his leg which is propped up on the far side of the gate as he holds himself on with his left arm.

The man is then asked how long he’s been stuck, to which he responds: “20 minutes.”

A voice behind the camera says: “We’ll let you down when you explain why the f*** you are climbing the fence.”

The man says he doesn’t know before the voice behind the camera asks: “What are you trying to steal?”

The stranded man says: “No nothing” and adds that he was “just getting up the road,” before the footage ends with him pleading for the men to let him go.

Speaking today (TUE) about the incident, Roddy said: “I nipped out for a smoke and could hear muffled moans walked round the corner and the junkie had turned himself into a kebab.”

The footage sparked a debate between users online.

Barry McNally wrote: “Bullying b******s, shame on the lot of you.”

But Cossey Matthew replied: “How’s it bullying? The guy was gonna rob them, what are they supposed to do, offer him in for tea?”

Barry McNally fired back: “Take him down because he’s a human being ? If he was going too rob them then prove that fact.

“Until it’s bullying and even after it’s bullying. Go look up the definition? I don’t give a f*** what anyone says. It’s hateful and wrong.”

Kerry Miller commented: “Only in Arbroath.”

Whilst Scott Ballantyne added: “Too good man.”