Scots postie-turned-MP turns up to Westminster in Parcelforce work shirt


A NEWLY-elected Scottish Labour MP travelled to his new job at Westminster wearing his old Parcelforce work shirt.

Former postie Hugh Gaffney, Labour MP for Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill, posed in the shirt on the train down and outside Big Ben.

It’s thought the 53-year-old even wore the shirt during a visit to the Commons, although it was hidden under a suit jacket and tie.

Mr Gaffney wrote: “Always thought it was important to remember your roots – so on my way to Westminster, I wore my old work shirt as a reminder. #ForTheMany.”

The former councillor overturned Phil Boswell’s majority of over 11,000 to take the North Lanarkshire seat from the SNP.

His fellow newly-elected colleague, Paul Sweeney, MP for Glasgow North East, tweeted a picture of Mr Gaffney wearing his Parcelforce shirtalongside a quote from Labour’s first ever MP Keir Hardie.

He tweeted: “Proud to walk into Parliament for the first time with@HughGaffneyMP. We stopped to take this photo and remembered Keir Hardie’s words.”

The quote accompanying the picture said: “A working man in Parliament should go to the House of Commons in his work day clothes.”

But not everyone on Twitter was impressed. Egracieb said: “For the many? Not for the 198 classroom assistants you sacked on day one after you got in cahoots with the Tories to stay in power.”

Curls59 said: “I work for parcelforce. Union member. Wouldn’t vote Labour in a billion f* years.”

User rdk7 said: “Let’s see what you do before we fawn over you. Too many of your cohorts are cosy with the Tories. You’ll get my respect for your actions.”

Others couldn’t resist poking fun at his postie past.

Im_1983 said: “Aimed for Westminster, turned up in Plymouth. That’s Parcel Force.”

Mattpearson said: “Was there anyone when you called or did you have to stick a note through the door?”

Dunks517 said: “So you’ll stick to your Postie roots by ditching your paperwork in a bin and going home at 10 am?”