ScotRail passenger claims he was eaten alive by fleas


A SCOTRAIL passenger claims he was eaten alive by fleas – on a ScotRail train.

Darren Esposito posted pictures of the bites on his hands, one of which rapidly swelled to the size of a grape.

The 40-year-old from Markinch, Fife, caught a train home from Edinburgh on Wednesday and soon noticed his hands had become blotchy.

A SCOTRAIL passenger claims he was eaten alive by fleas – on a ScotRail train.

The operations manager for BT, who pays £270 a month to commute by ScotRail, says he ended up with three bites on each hand and one on his neck.

He visited his GP who reportedly said the bites could have been caused by fleas or possibly even ants.

He shared images of his bitten hands on the ScotRail Facebook page with the caption: “Got on [Edinburgh] Gateway at 15.47 yesterday.

“Got off Markinch and bitten like this. Your trains are dirty. Get it sorted.”

ScotRail replied with a link to the customer relations section of their website and asked him to provide details.

The photos show the swelling on Darren’s hand as well as the red marks that were left on his skin around the back of his hand and wrist.

Speaking today (FRI) about his bites, Darren said: “I travel from Markinch to Edinburgh everyday for work.

“I was bitten on Wednesday afternoon. It’s now swollen up and bruised and is really sore. It’s making me feel unwell. It went black at work.

“My workmates were concerned that it was going black and told me to see the doctor. When I was out for lunch with my bosses, they noticed it before I even mentioned what had happened.

“I was considering going to A&E at that night. My fingers were like sausages, I had to take my ring off. The lump is starting to reduce but it feels like it’s spreading round my hand

“I have seven bites, three on each hand and one on my neck. I think it was caused by fleas on the seats.

“The doctor thinks it was caused by ants or possible fleas but my hand is infected so i’ve been given pills and cream.

“The trains are getting worse, the toilets are dirtier and smellier and there’s dust on the seats.”

Facebook users were quick to react to Darren’s bites.

Jennifer Duncan wrote: “Darren that looks sore and itchy.”

Evelyn Marshall commented: “Ouch that’s horrible, watch it’s not a tick.”

Whilst Debbie Hamilton added: “Jeezo.”

A ScotRail Alliance spokeswoman said: “Trains are regularly cleaned, including upholstery, tables and toilets.

“If customers have any concerns about particular issues with cleanliness they should immediately alert a member of ScotRail staff.”

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