“Can’t be a***d with mum and dad” Daughter horribly embarrassed by dad’s X-rated boast


AN embarrassed daughter has gone viral after her dad publicly boasted he was going to have “p***y pie” for dessert during his anniversary meal.

Elise Butcher, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, was left red-faced when her parents Mark and Rebecca posted on Facebook to say they were out for their anniversary meal.

However, when a user asked what was for dessert at the fancy Italian restaurant they were dining in, Elise’s father replied, for the all the world to see: “P***y pie.”

Elise shared screenshots of her parents’ post on Facebook with the caption: “Cba [can’t be a***d] with my mum and dad.”

Elise Butcher posts her Facebook response as she spots her parents embarrassing posts.

Her hilarious tweet has since gone viral, with 4,900 retweets and 27,000 likes and countless more comments from fellow users.

Her first photo shows the Facebook post from her mum, Rebecca, who tagged herself and Mark in at the Sette Colli restaurant and said: “Eating dinner with my love.”


Elise Butcher’s mum Rebecca celebrating her Anniversary meal with her husband Mark Butcher.

Her second screenshot shows the comment section of her mum’s post, in which a user called Andrew John Hodkin asks: “What’s for dessert?” Elise’s dad, Mark, replied: “P***y pie Andy,” before adding the ‘perfect’ emoji.

Elise Butcher’s dad Mark Butcher’s embarrassing response.

Both parents have since taken to Facebook to share their surprise at their viral fame.

Rebecca posted a photo of her daughter’s tweet on Facebook with the caption: “As if our Elise has put this on Twitter and it’s got 4000+ likes. Cheers for that babe.”
Whilst Mark also shared it and wrote: “Nearly 8500 likes on Twitter and rising. Famous at last.”

Twitter users have been quick to react to Elise’s hilarious tweet. Aimee commented: “Nah, I’d orphan myself.” Rhys Horn wrote: “This has made my night.” Whilst Em added: “Poor girl.”