“Shout the dog!” How Meg the collie was used to deliver a mobile phone charger


A PHOTO has captured a mother’s ingenious way of transporting a phone charger to her daughter downstairs – by tying it to the family dog.

Sophie Billington was watching television downstairs when her phone ran out of battery but she was too comfortable to get up and collect her charger from upstairs.

Thankfully her mum had a plan and decided to tie the charger around her border collie Meg.
Sophie, from the Wirral, Merseyside, uploaded a photo of Meg with her phone charger belt to

Twitter last night with the caption: “Asked me mum if she could bring my charger down stairs, she replied ‘shout the dog’.”


The dog provided the perfect transport for the charger


Her hilarious tweet has been retweeted over 6,500 times with a further 27,000 likes and countless more comments.

The photo shows a smiling Meg sitting in front of Sophie with the white phone charger tied loosely around her body.

Speaking today about the tweet, Sophie said: “I was literally just sitting downstairs and because I was comfy I didn’t want to run up stairs to get my charger.

“So I texted my mum asking her to bring it down, next thing I heard was “shout the dog” so I called Meg and she came trotting down the stairs with the charger tied around her!

She looked so pleased with herself. She’s amazing.”

Twitter users have been quick to react to the hilarious post.

Jade Emily Tucker wrote: “She’s the best dog ever.”

Zoe Maria commented: “Tell her she’s a very very good girl. Oh my god.”

Whilst Vee added: “This is the best dog tweet since the last best dog tweet. Every dog tweet is so good. P.S. I love your dog.”

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