Video captures Gordon Ramsay eating “god-awful” pineapple pizza


A HILARIOUS video has captured the moment TV chef Gordon Ramsay was forced to face his culinary nightmare – the pineapple pizza.

The 50-year-old chef has made his views regarding pineapple on pizza clear in the last few months – calling it “god-awful”, but was forced to down slices of the meal in a Facebook video.

Ramsay promised to eat the pineapple pizza if the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation collected 500 donations by last Friday.

And after his target was achieved, the Scot was forced to chomp down two slices of the pizza on camera, despite looking visibly repulsed.

At one point, he was even forced to take out some mouth wash, to clear away the taste, which he described as similar to “moose turds.”

At the start of the clip, Ramsay says: “oh lord”, when seeing the pizza, before exclaiming: “come on?”

He eats a slice of the pizza with a fork, before launching into a verbal tirade against the food combinations.

He says: “This is an Italian tragedy, at least Romeo and Juliet had a happy ending.

“The only happy ending for me will be on the toilet tonight this is gross.”

At the end of the video, with the pizza only partly finished, he added: “I’m going to have to go because I think I’ve got the runs.”

But despite his struggle, many Facebook viewers were unimpressed with Ramsay’s efforts.

Eric Weening said: “Seriously eating Pizza with a knife and fork lost all my respect for you as a chef.”

Part way through the video, with the pizza only partly finished, Karin Stahlecker wrote: “You have to actually eat it, Gordon. My 12 year old is watching and idolises you.”

Ryan Wilson was also unimpressed that he did not finish it, saying: “That’s not eating it.”

Ramsay promised to eat pineapple pizza in an online boast last week, writing: “If we make 500 donations in the next 48 hrs, I’ll eat this god-awful PINEAPPLE pizza on FB Live. I f**king dare you.”

His foundation was raising funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London.